• Mt. Takabuto veiw place and an outcrop of unconformity
  • Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin
  • Dinosaur
  • myokenura

Earth’s history is embodied in the land making Amakusa Islanda unique museum in the sea

The Amakusa Islands, consisting of about 120 islands are located in the southwest area of Kumamoto Prefecture: a beautiful archipelago with geologic and geographic characteristic landscapes and a 100 million year history, not to mention a treasure of ancient fossils offering its visitors a fantastic glimpse into times gone by. A unique culture has been carved out of life on these islands by its inhabitants adding to the many breath-taking sightseeing opportunities. The plan of the AmakusaGeopark is to show off the diversity of geology, geography, history, culture, industry and ecology in Amakusa with a mind of ecologic conservation and economic growth.
Geology and geography are earth sciences and from these words Geo has been coined meaning earth and land. Park means a field for playing and amusement. Thus, Geopark includes not only the physical aspects of geology and geography, but also those of creatures and the history and culture concerning them. A Geopark is also a place authorized to promote conservationism and remain available for local use.
THEME of Geopark

The physical and biologic history
of the Earth over 100 million years

Amakusa; a diverse paradise of dinosaurs and dolphins
with a characteristic stone culture.

The Amakusa Islands bask in a long history bringing to the present a sense of fantasy regarding times gone by. The five elements comprising the main core of the Amakusa Geopark plan include geology, geography, viewing points, culture and industry which are shown at the geosites throughout the islands.
Model Course

An experience of the senses

Watch, touch and be impressed!

In the Amakusa Geopark concept promotion conference of 2010, measures were taken to offer a hands-on experience to visitors opening the wonderful expanse of sense experiences that Amakusa has to offer.