Glass boat cruising in the Ushibuka Marine Park

Hougashima Island with the Sisiboe cape is a special area of Unzen-Amakusa National Park. The sea around this island is appointed in the Ushibuka Marine Park. The glass boat leaving from the Ushibuka Port operates underwater coral and tropical fish and lion shaped rock as a tourist attraction.

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Model Course

1. Sisiboe Cape The rock of the Sisiboe cape has a hole and forms the forefoot of the lion. This hole is sung in a folk song of Ushibuka-haiya. The rock of the Sisiboe cape is made of a volcanic rock and ashes when volcanic activity happened in the Nagashima Island, Kagoshima of the east approximately 3 million years ago. These sediments were sharpened by weathering, erosion and became the form like the present.
2. Ushibuka Marine Park Ushibuka Marine Park, includeing the Tsukinoshima Island and the Hougashima Island is appointed in the first Marine Park in Japan in 1970. Colorful coral inhabits in this sea area and can watch the beautiful scene such as a certain flower garden underwater.